“Drawing Cartoons & More with Bryan Kilgore” will expose your students awesomeness as they are taught to draw cartoon characters while using a fail-safe approach Bryan calls “Copy Cat.”  “Copy Cat” not only produces immediate results but also boosts confidence and self-esteem.  Kids will learn to draw Bryan’s own cartoon creations such as “bre bre & bj” and many more.  Your students will also have a chance to win some cool prizes while learning some creative drawing techniques that will amaze their family and friends. 

If you are looking for an educational assembly that not only motivates, boosts self confidence, keeps their attention the whole time and is filled with AZ State Standards, look no further.

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Bryan Kilgore and I have been teaching Art in public schools for the past 14 years.  
I have experience in teaching Art and creating lesson plans for students in grades K-10th.  I have my own comic strip which I use to help promote reading.  It’s called “bre bre & bj.”  The strips have been featured online with The Phoenix Public Library District and online with The Maricopa County Library District.

This assembly is like no other.  It allows students to actively participate and leave with outstanding results.  Students and staff will be amazed with live results right before their eyes. 

I call this marvelous program “Copy Cat.”  When I was studying Art History in college my professor taught us that master artists would have an apprentice.  The apprentice would copy the master’s paintings.  The more he did this, the more art techniques and styles he would learn. 

I allow students to copy and learn by watching me so that someday they may become masters and teach others.



  1. Your students and staff will arrive to the show with three sheets of blank white paper, a pencil and something hard to write on.
    (Using these supplies, your students are going to be involved the entire time... and... this "active participation" is key to making the information really stick.)
  2. Bryan will be up front or in the center using a document camera to project his drawing onto a screen or wall.  Your school will need to provide a projector for this and also a wireless mic.
  3. While drawing, your students will learn many art terms and easy art techniques that they can apply immediately to their drawings and take with them.


  • "Drawing Cartoons & More with Bryan Kilgore" lasts 30-35 minutes, and your school can schedule up to three shows in one day. (if this timeframe does not work for you, will work with your schedule)
  • Bryan can work with any size group (300-500 per show is routine).
  • Normally we’ll break the grades into groups – Kinder-1st, 2nd-3rd in another, and 4th-5th in another.
  • Each assembly is specifically designed to be age appropriate for the audience... easier drawings with the younger students and more challenging drawings for the older students.



Thank you so much for your time and please do not miss this great opportunity to inspire, motivate and positively impact your students creativity and self confidence.



Bryan Kilgore

Creator of Kilgore Studios 75 and Cornbread Comics


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